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FirstTrust Financial LLC is more than a personal finance company; we’re your financial partners. We seek out long-term relationships with our vendors, suppliers, employees and most of all, with our clients. As a mortgage lender, we find solutions to help our customers live out their dreams. As a financial partner, we educate our clients and team members using integrity and adhering to honest facts. We always help our customers before considering profit. Our mission is to spread an epidemic of life without debt.

So, who are we really, why do we care so much, and why should you care? I grew up in a family that took finances very seriously. My grandfather was raised during the great depression and was ingrained with frugality. He taught us all to live simple and save every dime. Not everyone had the luxury of growing up in that kind of family. I wanted to make a difference by helping others with their finances. I went to Oakland University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance.

male hands going over paperwork bwI only spent about two years in private accounting before realizing that I wanted more direct interaction with people. I made the career move to the mortgage industry so that I could have more of a direct relationship with clients. What I found was that many people in the mortgage business were there for the wrong reasons. I found that most companies didn’t really care about helping their customers at all. It wasn’t about the best loan for the consumer – it was all about what was going to make them more money. To make matters even more interesting, most loan officers didn’t even know the basics of the loan process in order to help their clients make good decisions. It was a disheartening reality. This wasn’t what I signed up for at all.

Luckily, I had a business partner who told me about a mortgage company that had an open ownership opportunity. Through dedicated research, I found that the company was one of the few that were doing things ‘the right way’. They already had a well-established team, dedicated to knowledge, research, and most of all, integrity. That’s how I came to represent FirstTrust Financial – a place where people are treated with respect and know that we put their best interest at the forefront of every decision.

Our entire world is struggling because of debt. That can’t change unless people like us step up to the plate to help educate others on how finances work, and how EVERYONE can live debt free. We are dedicating this blog site to showing you how you can live debt free, too. We will give you insider information on how the mortgage industry works and provide you with tools to help you make smart decisions about your money. By giving away this free information, we believe we’re already one step closer to fulfilling our mission to spread an epidemic of life without debt. Sign up to receive our updates. We can’t wait to hear your success stories.

Will Lowen
Will Lowen
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  1. Ember says:

    Like any bit of exotic finiacnng, it makes sense only for the original people for whom it was designed. The problem is when it gets marketed to, and then bought by, people for whom it makes no sense.”Redraw facilities” (I don’t know what they’re called in the US) made a hell of a lot of sense for small business owners or consultants who had irregular, large payments rather than steady paychecks. Then they started making them available for everybody. If you had the nous to sit down with a pencil for five minutes you would have been able to see it didn’t make any sense. Sadly, people didn’t.I have an interest-only loan for investment purposes. It makes sense for me that instead of investing the $50k I had in cash, I paid it off my mortgage and borrowed the same amount to put into funds. The money is fungible, but for tax purposes, is treated differently (in Australia).Somebody who had an investment strategy for the five year period where the money not being paid off the principal (Difference between the PITI and I/O payment) of the house was invested and was producing a real return higher than the interest on the mortgage would be doing something sensible. The lump sum generated by the investment could then be dumped on the mortgage at the end of that five years to produce a faster overall reduction of principal than would otherwise have been possible.But these loans, like all exotic loans, are probably not being taken up only by borrowers for whom they were originally designed.

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