We had more money going out than we had coming in when we turned to FirstTrust Financial for help. We now have a concrete, long-term plan instead of stress and uncertainty.

They were very personable and caring. I recommend FirstTrust Financial because they truly do care about your long-term financial health.

T. Mason - Kansas City, MO

I would recommend FirstTrust to anyone who is serious about living a debt-free lifestyle.
M. Smith - Parkville, MO
I'm excited to know I'll be able to retire debt free while still having a respectable amount of money in my retirement fund.
C. Haselrick - Kansas City, MO

I first realized that I needed help with our debt when my husband lost his job. We had to pull out money from his 401K to pay our bills each month. When he got another job, at less pay, we knew living paycheck to paycheck was going to be rough.

We originally contacted FirstTrust about a home improvement loan, since we needed a new roof, but they presented us with an alternative solution to getting rid of our debt in a faster and more efficient way, which would allow us to free up more money to get home improvement jobs done without a loan.

The Balance 180 system of paying off debt was one we had not heard of, but were quickly convinced that it would work better than what we were doing. I knew that the plan set for us would eliminate debt sooner than we could do it alone.

I would recommend FirstTrust to others, because they have people that walk with you through the process of eliminating your debt, answering any questions and giving you helpful advice along the way. They are a company I trust to get the job done.

K. Bailey - Kansas City, MO

After months of stressing over finances, my wife and I were experiencing a strain on our relationship. We knew it was time to get some help.

Will from FirstTrust Financial agreed to meet us at our home and on our schedule. His flexibility and availability to help and consult has been a constant support system throughout our road to financial success.

Sitting down with the advisors from FirstTrust allowed us to see exactly what debt we had and how long it would take us to pay off the debt on our own. When presented with our individual plan we were able to see long term savings and an end our financial struggles.

I would recommend FirstTrust to anyone who is serious about living a debt-free lifestyle. By establishing an individual plan and following through on the plan allows us to budget our finances and have the ability to begin saving for the future. We are planning for the future and allowing ourselves to be debt free before we retire which will allow us to do everything we want to during our “golden years."

M. Smith - Parkville, MO

Toward the end of 2013, I made the decision to get myself out of debt. Since I had turned 59 1/2, I would be able to access my IRA without penalty. Paying off my unsecured debt, I assumed, would make it easier to refinance my rental property for a lower interest rate and free up the funds to be redirected to much needed repairs on the investment property.

I contacted First Trust Financial after a mailing I received and asked to discuss a refinance. William Lowen came to my home and offered an option I hadn't considered.

Mr Lowen suggested that I use the money I planned to use to pay off my unsecured debt to pay down the balance on my investment property thereby, in affect, transferring money from one investment instrument to another. It was at this juncture Mr Lowen explained another avenue I could take to eliminate my unsecured debt while paying off my investment property mortgage at a lower interest rate and become completely debt free in twelve years or less.

I hope to retire in 6-10 years and am excited to know I'll be able accomplish this goal within my personal time frame and retire debt free while still having a respectable amount of money in my retirement fund.

The personal attention and helpfulness of everyone with whom I've come in contact with during this endeavor has left me looking forward to my elder years knowing how to manage money, that the funds needed will available to me and I will finally be able to live financially worry free.

C. Haselrick - Kansas City, MO

First Trust Financial, LLC just closed a very difficult transaction for me. They processed the loan in lightening speed and then, at closing, when a problem was presented, they personally helped resolve the problem so we were able to close on the scheduled day. They were an amazing team to work with and I will refer them without question!

Andrea Saxion, Realtor - Glad Heart Realty

We found First Trust Financial while refinancing our home. We felt refinancing would help us bridge our financial changes as we slide into retirement. We were also taking a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace course at that time.

We called and First Trust met with us in our home to explain their program. It consolidates and structures all our payments and affords us the opportunity to become debt free in the shortest time possible.

First Trust Financial's "Win-Win" approach to serving our mutual needs is unique in our world. They assign a financial coordinator to personally work with us, allowing flexibility while assisting us to successfully follow their guidance.

I believe First Trust Financial has a program designed to help its clients build personal success and "Peace of Mind."

R. Hillman - Kansas City, MO